She knew the moment she saw that car - the black 92' Volvo with the bumper all fucked up; It's the same one she saw the night before. But she never got a good look at who was at the wheel. And it's not like she cared, besides, there were more important things to worry about... like how she'd pay for this drink and get the hell out of here. But still, something - or someone - to keep an eye on. 
Seventeen days since the last one appeared; we'd began to think that we'd be left alone now. Although they'd promised us light and color, in return for peace. Intelligent beings, they were; capable of understanding the shifts in wind and rhythms of the sand. Yet we had no way of making sense of their glimmers and subtle movements. Maybe this one will be different. 
Nico couldn't keep up with the stillness. He felt so lost without her energy and enthusiasm. Her mind was always elsewhere, sometimes non-existent, and Nico could feel it. He's too young to remember the accident but he's lived the aftermath... I just hope he grows out of the pain. 
These white flowers were the only thing left alive - besides me. I can't help but wonder how they made it this far, without a real sun and fresh soil. They're hanging onto dear life but, for what? They have no idea the emptiness of our future. Sometimes I wonder if they're just alive for me. I wonder if they can hear me. I wonder if anyone can hear me.