Experimenting with a new art style, these few pieces imitate Picasso’s single-line drawings. Each piece uses the yellow in a unique and conservative manner, therefore employing a witty wordplay on Xanthophobia, which is defined as the ‘fear of yellow’. 

The piece on the left represents the happiness of life held in such fragility by two hands, those that can make or break the world. Happiness is a brittle luxury and shouldn’t be taken for granted. 

A self-portrait of sorts, this piece portrays a meditative state;  eyes closed, head tilted, defined frames, clear lenses. The yellow glasses hint at the vision of a positive and prosperous future, one that must first be imagined, before realized.

Inspired by the Hindu goddess Durga, the girl with the yellow nosering represents the power of good over evil. Much like the deity, she watches over the negative forces that weigh the world down and threaten peace and prosperity. 


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