Voronoi Ruins
Fall 2018 - Architecture Design Studio III
The voronoi ruins conduct the flow of pedestrians and cyclists across the Ballona Creek in Los Angeles. The building also houses a bike shop, cafe, outdoor events space, and an indoor exhibition space. The voronoi pattern was generated though a Grasshopper program called Voronoi, in which geometric shapes are organically created based on a point-to-point attraction formula on a randomly generated point field. The voronoi generation process was truly instrumental to the development of the unique forms and spaces seen throughout the structure.
One of the main site-related requirements was to isolate the space from the rail tracks and adjacent street to the south while also carefully orchestrating views of the Ballona Creek to the North. The cafe, bike shop, and events space are positioned so that each program is exposed to views of the creek when ascending to the upper level. 


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