poem by Anya Nigam
visual by Rishab Vasudevan

soaking, bathing, basking
sun in her eyes
long dress past her thighs
sprawled across cream sheets
eyeing her lips
afraid to miss a smile
on and on she goes
picking handfuls of pomegranate arils
for two
the summer breeze picks up
obstructing her sight
her fingers tangled in scarlet drippings
I take my chance
delicately picking each strand
to reveal her eyes
I catch my reflection
rather desirable
than when I’ve ever caught it before
on and on she continues
only pausing to share
another spoonful
I resist every urge to squirm
As each burst of tang
overwhelms my senses
but I continue to ask for more
I could never deny
her oblivious gestures of love


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