Fall 2017 - Architecture Design Studio I
A project based on the simple addition of three tubular structures, creates a unique circulatory experience while also featuring three modular components for minor programs. This project was developed in a very iterative process, allowing for minor improvisations along the way. The axonometric drawing on the right provides a comprehensive look at the three interlocking tubes, and highlights the three modular spaces. This entire project was designed by hand on paper, using a combination of plans, sections, and perspective views. The photograph shown below was taken from the final model, which replicated the perspective view which was expunged straight from the plan drawing on the right. This drawing-to-model process proved to be quite liberating, without the use of digital imagery or visualization. 
The three tubes create an interesting combination of indoor and outdoor conditions that are woven together. merely an introductory project into the first year of architecture, 3-Stacks is developed on simple concepts of spatial organization, means of egress, geometric apertures, and formal aesthetics. 


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