+ The Green Link
Spring 2020  -  Advanced Design Studio
The Superblocks are a set of modular apartment units combined to create a unique living condition in the heart of San Antonio. Bordering the proposed Green Link, the Superblocks sit on an edge condition yet collectively create a micro-ecosystem together. Each apartment unit has a unique relationship to the exterior world and has the modular adaptability required of all urban dwellings of the future. Each unit also has the ability to add and subtract elements as desired, giving residents a multitude of customizable opportunities.

The Superblocks complex sat on the edge of The Green Link, an expansive greenbelt that ran through San Antonio's east downtown. As an adaptable housing complex, the Superblocks need to be open to changes and improvements in the downtown area, as San Antonio is one of the fastest growing cities in America currently. With possible renovations to the highway and infrastructural changes, new architecture must be ready to adapt. 

The image to the left shows the Green Link in conjunction with the Superblocks, as residents and outdoor enthusiasts enjoy the natural oasis floating over the highway. 
The Green Link
The Green Link is a direct response to the highway, acting as a "green bandaid" to connect divided parts of San Antonio. It leverages the 1950s infrastructure to replicate a similar form over the structure, then submerges beneath the highway to extend the San Antonio Riverwalk to the east. The Green Link also served as a symbolic/metaphorical opposition to the cultural and demographic divide caused by the highway system. 


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