Centennial Yards
Summer 2019 - Design Work at Sensory Interactive

The Centennial Yards project is one of the baseline proposals by Sensory Interactive, as a part of the Atlanta Smart City Development, that enhances the site through the use of promotional platforms. A promotional platform integrates experience design, technology, media, and business strategies into the architecture of the built environment to create
enriched interactions between brands, visitors, and content. Because of each project’s unique character and context, promotional platforms can be distinct and authentic to the atmosphere and audience of each project. Through the research of hard and soft data in the early design phases, the team creates a framework of experiences, activations, and assets that translate into direct and indirect revenue sources. optimal locations for elements are then determined based on sight lines, traffic flows, budgetary and structural feasibility studies, and experiential opportunities.
Resurgens, a metaphor for rising into the light, features vertical circulation cores ascend from the parking to the viaduct level to create key experiential opportunities. Stairs meander between floor levels to raise visitors up to the surface. Integrated into these pathways are LED ribbons that engender inspiration through textual phrases and graphic art. From inside the parking garage and as beacons at the viaduct level, the vertical circulation cores are effective wayfinding objects. A strategic use of color and environmental graphics can be deployed across the site to unify circulation pathways and cultivate illumination and delight.


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