Tagliatelle Verde
Spring 2019  -  Architecture Design Studio IV
Tagliatelle Verde is an adaptive reuse project coupled with the idea of 
parasitic architecture, featuring five theatres nestled within a tiered garage,  
hidden beneath a playful public garden and a restaurant.
This project is named after an italian pasta, Tagliatelle Verde, which is green and snakes around, much like the form of the rooftop garden. This design creates a very playful experience, creating interesting moments of cascading overlap. At night, the gardens paths are lit up, embracing a completely different view of the same experience. 
The site was a unique challenge in this project, rising almost two storeys towards the backside of the garage. This called for precise placement of the five theatres, as well as the positioning of the entrance ramps to each. The two rectangular blocks on the southwest corner of the building house the lobby, ticketing office, lounge and restaurant. Each of the entrance ramps descend from the main lobby, creating an immersive portal-like experience into the theatres.
The garage’s pre-existing spiral circulation caused issues for the placement and structure of the theatres. An additional layer of parking was added to the garage before the theatres were inserted as cantilevers around the edge.

As seen in section, there are ten doors in the main lobby, five of which are ramps that descend into theatres, and the other five open out to the rooftop garden. Both ramp experiences are rendered below. 


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